Where does beauty lie in this world?

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore it is based on each individual’s perceptive. For this very reason it is biased and can be influenced by so many past and personal factors.

Here in this post I will give my account of what I believe is beauty. These are my own personal thoughts and views.

Often we think that beauty is what we see. But real beauty includes countless elements that involve but are not limited to seeing, hearing, touching, feeling, breathing, smelling, speaking…It is more than the exterior and weighs more heavily on the interior. 

With senses we are presented with true beauty and soul. ~ Everything coming from within.

I am never disappointed when I travel to a different city or country the beauty of so much can be experienced through so many different ways. Its meaning varies significantly for different people but regardless it is still so priceless. Even though I adore the encounters of different countries and the beauty I discover in each, this doesn’t mean that I forget the beauty before my eyes, within and at home. For me beauty is the experiences, scars, knowledge that have come to shape people, buildings, countries and landscapes.

Beauty is the uniqueness of life.