When Uber meets Hotel Tonight

Previously I blogged about Uber and Hotel Tonight on my blog. Now coincidentally these two growing tech savvy companies are joining force for one week only. 

I guess it is working together to promote each other and thus gives us the customers a greater insight into how popular and useful both these two apps are for rides and leisure.

So what are you wanting for be a part of it. If this is your first time downloading and using this then you are in for a treat:

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The taxi company that is causing a ripple around many major cities and taxi services. ( BBC article: Uber App Taxi row referred to London’s High Court.)

Uber was founded in 2009 and officially launched in San Francisco. Originally they grew modestly then as words got around they became more and more popular, and expanded faster and faster. There are a few simple reasons why this Taxi company is booming:

– Very easy and efficient App service which brings the taxi to you. So you don’t need to search around for many taxi services.

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– Follow the driver via the app and you can see their ratings/reviews and profile picture. Also includes licence plate so it is much safer.

– Reasonable prices

This company has moved with technology and the market to give customers what they need.