Wanderer above the sea of fog

I had numerous times seen the picture Wanderer above the sea of fog by Caspar David Friedrich around however I never knew who drew it or what the meaning behind the picture meant. Yet I always found it to be fascinating there was something that deeply alluded me about it. Maybe it was the contrast between the colours or the fact that I couldn’t see the expression of the man in it, or maybe the beautiful and somewhat magical scenery. Nevertheless it was a picture I finally decided to “Google” about.

Finding out more information about the artist and the picture itself made it even more interesting. To me the picture seem to symbolize how sometimes in life things seem unknown, like we are floating above clouds of fogs and sometimes the fog disappears and we see life differently/again. Other times we are stuck in a mist of fog and we stop and stare and it like a wanderer glimpsing into the past, present, future and unknown. For me the picture brings about a sense of calm yet confusion of unknown. But I guess the mystery itself of the picture remains how the artist wanted it to be. An unknown…..