When Uber meets Hotel Tonight

Previously I blogged about Uber and Hotel Tonight on my blog. Now coincidentally these two growing tech savvy companies are joining force for one week only. 

I guess it is working together to promote each other and thus gives us the customers a greater insight into how popular and useful both these two apps are for rides and leisure.

So what are you wanting for be a part of it. If this is your first time downloading and using this then you are in for a treat:

Do you want £35 for free?It’s uber easy and legit. Use the promo code :free20rideLDN upon downloading the Uber app (More info in below picture and also get £15 for free on Hotel Tonight)



Earn when you shop online


First top tip I would give anyone if you are shopping online:

Signup to TopCashback by clicking here

Why? Because firstly you get 500 Tesco clubcard points free, secondary you earn cash back every time you shop. Top cash back is connected with an endless list of big brands, highstreet shops, online websites so when you signup and then sign into Top cash back, search the shop you would like to buy from then click on the given link and this registers you was referred by Top cash back and upon completion of the transaction and approval is done by Top Cash back and retail (usually 2-4 weeks) your account in Top Cash back will automatically credit your account with the cash back value.

Below is just a very small list of brands Top cash back has on their site. They actually have over 4,000 retailers listed.


Another website that works just like Top cash back is Quidco. They actually also have over 4,000 retailers listed.

To sign up to Quidco please click here

Quidco has hot deals and various features (please see screenshot below).


Be an aware and smart online shopper it just takes a few additional minutes but you save and earn back whilst you spend. I personally would suggest you sign up to both, and just before doing your shopping have a quick 5-10minutes search in each to see which offers the best cash back value, as from experience one may be better than the other for different retailers. Furthermore the deals change from time to time.

I’ve been able to earn cashback at over 4,000 retailers, including loads of top High Street names.

Happy shopping and feel free to email me/leave a comment if you would like more information and I will try my best to assist with your query. ^_^