When Uber meets Hotel Tonight

Previously I blogged about Uber and Hotel Tonight on my blog. Now coincidentally these two growing tech savvy companies are joining force for one week only. 

I guess it is working together to promote each other and thus gives us the customers a greater insight into how popular and useful both these two apps are for rides and leisure.

So what are you wanting for be a part of it. If this is your first time downloading and using this then you are in for a treat:

Do you want £35 for free?It’s uber easy and legit. Use the promo code :free20rideLDN upon downloading the Uber app (More info in below picture and also get £15 for free on Hotel Tonight)




The taxi company that is causing a ripple around many major cities and taxi services. ( BBC article: Uber App Taxi row referred to London’s High Court.)

Uber was founded in 2009 and officially launched in San Francisco. Originally they grew modestly then as words got around they became more and more popular, and expanded faster and faster. There are a few simple reasons why this Taxi company is booming:

– Very easy and efficient App service which brings the taxi to you. So you don’t need to search around for many taxi services.

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– Follow the driver via the app and you can see their ratings/reviews and profile picture. Also includes licence plate so it is much safer.

– Reasonable prices

This company has moved with technology and the market to give customers what they need.




Look up

A video has recently been trending around called “Look up” in this video it depicts how social media and technology has altered the generations today and how we have been wrapped into the net.

It is a short but very powerful video, which can help change us if we listen and look up. It reminds us what and who are important in life.

It is time to look up for a moment.



Deeper web – interlinking technology and people

For people whose minds consists of floating thoughts, doubts, darkness, the internet can be a trigger for lethal consequences.


One search, two clicks, three milliseconds, millions of results to add more light/confusion to the brain. However that doesn’t mean that a correct or efficient resolution is provided.

With the power of technology surrounding us and giving us a constant exposure to social media we are fed  lots of information about our peers, families and colleagues – mainly the positive aspects of their life. On top of that, we are surrounded by news of celebrities lifestyles. All these may seem so insignificant or just part of our quick daily reads but adding them all up can taunt at us. Whilst many still young and vulnerable are trying to “figure oneself out” which is already a tough task as it is let alone when online lives are added into the mix. The list of names of teenagers who have been bullied or committed suicide as a direct/indirect result of social media is shockingly long but also echoing scarily of what society is becoming under incorrect influences of technology and social media.

As we also share more of our life online, our angels and demons are fueled and revealed to a mass audience which can be a fine line between purity and toxic. We are addicted to these online mediums which continues to pull us in. At night when we disconnect from these, our brains stop and reflects on what we have seen, read, watched, listened to during the day and these influence our thoughts and feelings so heavily. If our foundations are cracked and has holes these fragments could fall in and widen the gaps thus eventually trying to consume us into the darkness of the web.

We love the internet. It is a great invention. However we don’t think about the true influences it has on our life.

Like everything in life too much or too little of anything is dangerous, so remember this when you are online.


Live in the Moment


Today I will introduce and recommend to you a trending app which is getting more and more popular and very useful.

It can be linked to “living in the moment” as the main aim is “now” – hotels on the day/night!


Hotels Tonight – “everybody have fun tonight”


This apps provides a range of accommodations for major cities such as USA, UK, Canada and many other countries in Europe at a reason price.

Click on this URL website link on your mobile/ tablet device:


Download app and to instantly get £15 free upon signup use code:


after entering in other details, select option “redeem promo code” to get an additional £15 use code:



Earn when you shop online


First top tip I would give anyone if you are shopping online:

Signup to TopCashback by clicking here

Why? Because firstly you get 500 Tesco clubcard points free, secondary you earn cash back every time you shop. Top cash back is connected with an endless list of big brands, highstreet shops, online websites so when you signup and then sign into Top cash back, search the shop you would like to buy from then click on the given link and this registers you was referred by Top cash back and upon completion of the transaction and approval is done by Top Cash back and retail (usually 2-4 weeks) your account in Top Cash back will automatically credit your account with the cash back value.

Below is just a very small list of brands Top cash back has on their site. They actually have over 4,000 retailers listed.


Another website that works just like Top cash back is Quidco. They actually also have over 4,000 retailers listed.

To sign up to Quidco please click here

Quidco has hot deals and various features (please see screenshot below).


Be an aware and smart online shopper it just takes a few additional minutes but you save and earn back whilst you spend. I personally would suggest you sign up to both, and just before doing your shopping have a quick 5-10minutes search in each to see which offers the best cash back value, as from experience one may be better than the other for different retailers. Furthermore the deals change from time to time.

I’ve been able to earn cashback at over 4,000 retailers, including loads of top High Street names.

Happy shopping and feel free to email me/leave a comment if you would like more information and I will try my best to assist with your query. ^_^


What are these 3Ts all about?

Greetings readers,

The set out point of my blog is really simple. It is hopefully going to provide you with information on what I am passionate about and thus would like to share with you. I would like to call it the 3T’s – Travels, Technology and Tips. (which as you can see is where my blog name came from =)

I like to travel, I adore technology and researching, so often during surfing the internet I come across deals and tips which I feel is worth sharing. Therefore upon pulling all three of these “T”‘s together I have decided to collectively put these into a blog.