Where does beauty lie in this world?

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore it is based on each individual’s perceptive. For this very reason it is biased and can be influenced by so many past and personal factors.

Here in this post I will give my account of what I believe is beauty. These are my own personal thoughts and views.

Often we think that beauty is what we see. But real beauty includes countless elements that involve but are not limited to seeing, hearing, touching, feeling, breathing, smelling, speaking…It is more than the exterior and weighs more heavily on the interior. 

With senses we are presented with true beauty and soul. ~ Everything coming from within.

I am never disappointed when I travel to a different city or country the beauty of so much can be experienced through so many different ways. Its meaning varies significantly for different people but regardless it is still so priceless. Even though I adore the encounters of different countries and the beauty I discover in each, this doesn’t mean that I forget the beauty before my eyes, within and at home. For me beauty is the experiences, scars, knowledge that have come to shape people, buildings, countries and landscapes.

Beauty is the uniqueness of life.




For a weekend break the choice of visiting Bristol came up. It just so happened that it was recently named the best city to live in the UK by Sunday Times. (Read more: http://www.westerndailypress.co.uk/Festival-city-s-named-best-Britain/story-20841105-detail/story.html#ixzz30DHEifco)

I was there from Friday night to Sunday evening.

It is definitely a lively city, which is diverse in the activities that are available to do. Within the city center there are countless clubs and pubs to keep you awake into the early hours.
On the night of Friday (11th April) the night view that was presented to us was full of lights and “flowing water” =)
Behind this artwork stood fittingly the Rainbow Casino hence the variety of color lights.
In the city center also stood firmly a very big metal ball. To be honest I am not too sure of the purpose of this. If you know please let me know
We stayed at The Bristol Hotel – Great location in central, neat and artistic hotel. This is more within the pricey range, however it is worth the money if you are looking for an comfortable, nicely accomodated hotel.
I would recommend this.


A trip to a British City would not be complete without having a full English breakfast in the morning. This was so tasty and was much-needed to fuel us for the day ahead.
I was also surprisingly happy to see a Morph character statue, I clearly remember occasionally watching this during my childhood. It was a strange but entertainingly addictive cartoon.
National Cycle Network in UK
As we wandered around the city I noticed that, there were lots of different designed buildings. I loved how they were so modern and unique. Nothing like I had seen before in London.
IMG_9459 IMG_9457



After a long walk we got to the Clifton Suspension Bridge built by Brunel. To think of how this was built before significant technology was available enhanced my views on the skills required by Brunel and the workers to create from scratch such a long and sustainable architecture. 

IMG_9487 IMG_9514 IMG_9506


Another free but priceless view within Bristol is the beautiful harbour. Luckily when we were there the skies were blue which gave a glimpse of the tranquil side of Bristol.


A top must visit in Bristol is the Brunel’s SS Great Britain. You can easily spend 2-4 hours within here. A delight for kids and adults. Plenty to see, learn, do and play within the ship. Please find a few pictures below to give you an idea of what is within the ship =)

Brunel Great Britain


IMG_9718 IMG_9700 IMG_9701

Restaurant I would highly recommend in Bristol is “Don Giovanni’s” – great Italian food and Service.


As our time drew to an end at Bristol we headed to have some frozen yogurt which we saw on our first arrival here but the shop was closed. We sat down to enjoy the sunshine, blue skies and some Angel Berry frozen yogurt.


I share below one of my favorite picture of the trip with you.



Deeper web – interlinking technology and people

For people whose minds consists of floating thoughts, doubts, darkness, the internet can be a trigger for lethal consequences.


One search, two clicks, three milliseconds, millions of results to add more light/confusion to the brain. However that doesn’t mean that a correct or efficient resolution is provided.

With the power of technology surrounding us and giving us a constant exposure to social media we are fed  lots of information about our peers, families and colleagues – mainly the positive aspects of their life. On top of that, we are surrounded by news of celebrities lifestyles. All these may seem so insignificant or just part of our quick daily reads but adding them all up can taunt at us. Whilst many still young and vulnerable are trying to “figure oneself out” which is already a tough task as it is let alone when online lives are added into the mix. The list of names of teenagers who have been bullied or committed suicide as a direct/indirect result of social media is shockingly long but also echoing scarily of what society is becoming under incorrect influences of technology and social media.

As we also share more of our life online, our angels and demons are fueled and revealed to a mass audience which can be a fine line between purity and toxic. We are addicted to these online mediums which continues to pull us in. At night when we disconnect from these, our brains stop and reflects on what we have seen, read, watched, listened to during the day and these influence our thoughts and feelings so heavily. If our foundations are cracked and has holes these fragments could fall in and widen the gaps thus eventually trying to consume us into the darkness of the web.

We love the internet. It is a great invention. However we don’t think about the true influences it has on our life.

Like everything in life too much or too little of anything is dangerous, so remember this when you are online.