Live in the Moment


Today I will introduce and recommend to you a trending app which is getting more and more popular and very useful.

It can be linked to “living in the moment” as the main aim is “now” – hotels on the day/night!


Hotels Tonight – “everybody have fun tonight”


This apps provides a range of accommodations for major cities such as USA, UK, Canada and many other countries in Europe at a reason price.

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Earn when you shop online


First top tip I would give anyone if you are shopping online:

Signup to TopCashback by clicking here

Why? Because firstly you get 500 Tesco clubcard points free, secondary you earn cash back every time you shop. Top cash back is connected with an endless list of big brands, highstreet shops, online websites so when you signup and then sign into Top cash back, search the shop you would like to buy from then click on the given link and this registers you was referred by Top cash back and upon completion of the transaction and approval is done by Top Cash back and retail (usually 2-4 weeks) your account in Top Cash back will automatically credit your account with the cash back value.

Below is just a very small list of brands Top cash back has on their site. They actually have over 4,000 retailers listed.


Another website that works just like Top cash back is Quidco. They actually also have over 4,000 retailers listed.

To sign up to Quidco please click here

Quidco has hot deals and various features (please see screenshot below).


Be an aware and smart online shopper it just takes a few additional minutes but you save and earn back whilst you spend. I personally would suggest you sign up to both, and just before doing your shopping have a quick 5-10minutes search in each to see which offers the best cash back value, as from experience one may be better than the other for different retailers. Furthermore the deals change from time to time.

I’ve been able to earn cashback at over 4,000 retailers, including loads of top High Street names.

Happy shopping and feel free to email me/leave a comment if you would like more information and I will try my best to assist with your query. ^_^


Hungary – Budapest

A city that has gone through more than most. I give to you my first travel post about the one and only Budapest.

I recently visited Budapest for the first time, I must admit it has been a memorable and a breathtaking trip.

I learnt that it is a city that has been deeply influenced by so many yet has rightly become its own. Budapest has been influenced by the Romans, Turkey, Austria and Soviet Union. As you wander around the city the presence of each of these are evidently still scattered around from churches, to statues, houses, buildings, transports, leisure activities, food and streets.

One of the key things I think everyone should know is the meaning of “Budapest” – originally it was two distinct cities “Buda” and “Pest.” Where Buda was the site of a grand Hapsburg palace and was the more wealthy side. On the other side “Pest” was more flat and busy. In 1873 these two cities were merged together through the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Thus occupying both banks of the River Danube. This 2850 km river goes through Europe from the Black Forest in Germany to the Black Sea and passes through Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Hungary, along the Croatian-Serbian border, and it also forms the border between Bulgaria and Romania. Making it the second longest river in Europe after the Volga.

Today the city still holds many of its old architecture and history.
The top sights and visits are as follows:
Buda Castle
buda castle
Trinity Square and Matthias Church
Night view:
Fishermen’s Bastion
Funicular Budapest
Chain Bridge
The stone lions of the Chain Bridge survived the bombing during the Second World War.
St Stephens Basilica Church
Under the tympana a quotation from the Bible (Ego sum via, veritas et vita – meaning in English: I am the road, the truth and the life.
Parliament – 3rd biggest Parliament in the world!
Jewish Synagogue
One of the other very famous must visits in Budapest are the Thermal Spa – I visited the Szechenyi Thermal Spa during the night and must admit it was spectacular. Not only was the view amazing but the spa itself was so relaxing and nice. The price was also very reasonable compared to that in London.
Due to the visit being on a weekday and after 7pm, it wasn’t too busy so this meant there was lots of space to swim around but not so empty that there wasn’t an atmosphere. It was perfect!
Other interesting buildings I saw during my visit:
View from the top of St Stephen basilica church, where in the distance you can see Parliament….
Transport system in Budapest are quite old school (basically not modern), they still hold a sense of communism and tradition. A tip about their transport system: always stamp in and out when using them and have a valid ticket. As their transport office wardens are very strict, not friendly and unlikely to speak English. You can buy single or a pack of 10 tickets at the train station which can be used on trains or buses.
From the pictures I took below you can get a feel of their transport system (however they do run very efficiently and on time):
Please find also below some pictures of yummy food. I would highly recommend trying the Goulash soup and paprika beef. To be honest I found that the style and method of cooking meat in Hungary to be very tasty and probably also very unhealthy. However they are reasonable priced and tasty. Ice cream and alcohol over there are also very cheap to consume.
Lastly I would like to leave you with a beautiful picture of a statue that I wish will bless this city for many years to come, providing it with peace and harmony.
Liberation Monument ~ The statue was erected in 1947 after World War II. The statue figure is a woman, holding an olive branch, the symbol of peace in her hands.